What is youth ministry really about?

How can you build a thriving ministry?

These are some questions Doug Fields will answer in our upcoming event you can be a part of for free.




In his book, Purpose Driven Youth Ministry, Doug shares a story about building a doghouse DIY style.   He thought buying one would be too expensive so he decided to build one.

Doug invited Jeff, a kid from the youth group over to help him. After they were done, Jeff’s mom told Doug that her son was more excited about Christ than ever before.

He had given his mom a detailed account of the entire day including how he saw Doug treat his family and others.  It made quite the impact on him.


Doug had an AHA moment…


Spending time with students outside a church environment will be a way God uses you to grow their faith.

Creating intentional relational time with your students will help shape their faith as they see Christ in you.

When I talk to students that were in my youth ministry, none of them talk about my sermons.

They talk about when we stayed up late nights at Whataburger (glory hallelujah).  We had competitions to see who could stack the most ketchup packs without tipping over.


They don’t remember my preaching but they remember those fun times together.

Doug is going to be sharing other stories wisdom just like his lesson from building a doghouse. Learn how to build a thriving ministry from the Yoda of youth leaders.

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