One of the most common questions I hear related to preaching is, “How long should a good sermon be?”

The best answer I’ve heard is from John MacArthur who said, “As long as it takes to cover the passage adequately. If you have nothing worthwhile to say, even twenty minutes will seem like an eternity to your people. ”

We did a little research of our own to discover just how long the most watched preachers in America preach. You might be surprised by the results. We certainly were.



In these days of Ted Talks and 20 minutes messages, we were surprised that the most watched and beloved preachers in America preach almost twice that long!

At the end of the day, the key question is not, “How long do you preach?” The key question is, “How well are you helping others to behold God’s glory in your preaching?” To do that well, it takes a lot of preparation, a significant amount of time during the worship service, much prayer, and God’s grace.

The great news is, we can help you with the preparation part, and we can help you do it in less time than you imagined possible. We are working on a new resource that will help you build, present, and store your sermons all in one place. It’s so close to being ready, I can’t wait for you to see it and use it. Your sermons may not be shorter, but the time it takes to prepare them will be.




Justin Trapp

Founder at Ministry Pass
Husband to Tisha, Father to Shiloh and founder of Ministry Pass.
Justin Trapp