I started a company that helps churches with their media and marketing.  One of the things we do is help churches increase online giving with a few tips we learned.

One church we were helping were very hesitant to set up online giving.  They gave me excuses like:

1.  We don’t want to pay a percentage fee
2.  Our people come from lower income demographics so they don’t have smart phones.
3.  We don’t want to pay monthly for the giving services

Finally, after a year of those excuses they relented and setup online giving.  In that first month of having online giving they received $15,000 more that month than their average in total giving.

One of the tricks we used for them and for a lot of churches I am about to share.  It’s super simple but it will improve the way you take offerings.

Quick tip to increase giving – Vanity URL

A vanity URL is a web address that is easy to remember. Instead of giving individuals a direct link to your online giving website (the address will usually be too long and complicated to remember) or asking them to go to your website first and find the “giving” link, set up a web address that will simplify the process. For instance, if your church’s name is “Northwood Church” register a domain like www.NorthwoodGive.com

This will simplify the entire process and make it easier for people to remember where to give. Have your webmaster link your vanity URL straight to your online giving webpage.

A few more tips on using a vanity URL:

1.  Say it every service and multiple times if possible
Mention it every week during the offering portion of your church service. Make this a part of your weekly process. Have graphics ready to splash on the screen. Put these matching graphics in your bulletins and online. Some churches will also set up a giving kiosk in the foyer. This could be done with a mounted computer and controlled web browser.

2.  Use it for event registration
The church softball coach will love you for this.  He no longer has to chase down guys to pay for their spot.  They simply can register to play at (YourChurchGiving.com).

3. Leverage Mobile Giving
Let your congregation know that they can give online during service with their mobile devices (phones, iPads, tablets, etc.). Most online giving providers allow their site to be accessed easily on the go.

4.  Encourage Reoccurring Donations
You should also encourage your members to set up a reoccurring donation through your online giving platform. I’ve heard it said, “Automation trumps determination every time.” When members automate their tithes and offerings, they are committing to remain faithful even when unexpected expenses arise.

Justin Trapp

Founder at Ministry Pass
Husband to Tisha, Father to Shiloh and founder of Ministry Pass.
Justin Trapp