More Information About Justin

Justin would love to be a guest on your podcast to add value to your audience. He has a good-sized email list (45,000), and loves being able to send out podcast episodes that he is on.


Specifically, here are a few topic areas Justin feels would be interesting to your audience.

. How to stretch the reach of your message beyond the weekend

. How to effectively use social media to restate your message

. How to turn your message into material for weekly small groups

. How to use your message for a podcast

. How to create an ebook out of your sermon series


About Justin

Justin has spent the better part of the last five years dedicated to helping pastors maximize their sermon preparation time. As a bivocational pastor himself for many years, he wanted to spend more time focused on the most important ministry areas, while still delivering great messages each week. He knew the two didn’t have to be at odds with each other, so he set out to discover a way to solve this problem. In October of 2014, he launched Ministry Pass, a resource company for church leaders. Since launching, over 50,000 church leaders worldwide have used a Ministry Pass resource.


About His Podcast Equipment

Because Justin hosts a podcast, he understands the need for good quality audiovisual equipment. He uses a Heil PR-40 Microphone, in a dedicated soundproof room so the production quality of your time together will be top notch.


He’d love to talk to you more about working together. Thank you so much for your consideration.