I take preaching very seriously and have a lot of fun doing it…


My sermon preparation has been stressful, even overwhelming at times. On weeks I am scheduled to preach, there is a heaviness usually in my prayer and prep time. Do you get stressed out or anxious as it relates to preaching or sermon writing?

I mentioned on my Facebook wall how I get anxious and got a few responses like, “You think this is stressful, you must not be truly called…” Another commented, “How can sermon preparation or preaching be stressful?”

Before I could respond someone else came to my defense:

I want to honor the presentation of the Gospel with my preparation and delivery. My prep time and presentation can be weighty because I know what’s at stake. How do I take what God has laid on my heart and write it in a way that connects with a crowd of people? How can I make it palatable for the retired couple, young single mother and everyone else in between? Everyone in the room has different upbringings, financial status and family dynamics. I want everyone to connect with some part of the message.

These are some of the questions/concerns I had when I started preparing my message. Not to mention, my sermon prep was messy, un-organized and inefficient at best. Still is sometimes.

After getting connected with some seasoned preachers to listen and learn, I noticed they all seemed to have a system to their sermon prep. Leaning on their years of experience, insight and knowledge I was able to take some of their process and add in my own. Eventually I created a system for my sermon prep. It’s called, the Sermon Writing Toolkit.

It’s completely FREE for you to download: http://bit.ly/1LcH74d

This will help you improve your sermon prep and preaching. I know because it helped me tremendously. It’s completely free and I want you to have it today: http://bit.ly/1LcH74d

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Justin Trapp

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Justin Trapp