Easy Easter Promotion Blueprint

"Your church can double in size on Easter." This is what I have been telling church leaders for years. It's not as hard as you think. I developed a marketing blueprint that is predictable and easy to use. If you follow the blueprint, you are going to get incredible...
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5 Ways You Can Grow in 2017

My wife says, "You are addicted to progress." It's true. I want things to move forward and feel myself getting frustrated when they don't. Surrounding myself with people and organizations that share this value is very intentional for me. Chances are, if you are...
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These 58 Things Were Slowly Killing Me…Are They Killing You?

I own a ministry focused company called Ministry Pass. Not too long ago, we had the greatest month in the history of our company. We are helping thousands of churches around the world, and yet something wasn't right. Something was way off. Despite all of the success,...
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