No matter where his career has taken him, Justin Trapp has always been focused on bringing out the best in people. A talented rising star in the photography world, whose work has been featured everywhere from TMZ to Yahoo to ESPN, Justin has long been focused on helping people “present a face” of confidence and capability to the world, ready to take on life’s challenges. As a communicator, Justin is dedicated to showing people the best within themselves and giving them practical tools to realize their full potential.

Growing up poor in Texas, Justin, though fortunate to have a supportive family, was no stranger to hardship. He recalls periods where instant mashed potatoes served as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and he understood from an early age that he would need to make his own opportunities. Far from being discouraged, however, Justin focused on the wisdom of his mentors, taking a positive, action-based approach to what might otherwise be considered obstacles. In high school, he developed a passion for music, and with the help of some influential pastors, had the chance to record an album and tour. That’s when Justin discovered that his true calling wasn’t playing music but connecting with an audience.  “Looking back,” he says, “I spent more time and energy crafting what I would say on stage than I would on the music.”

Justin, determined to continue the legacy of leadership that had shaped his life for the better, became a student pastor and young motivational speaker, reaching out to thousands of teenagers across the United States. “My heart beats to help others,” Justin says. “It’s what I feel I was created to do.” Now happily married and at the helm of a successful business, Justin is bringing his story to a new generation of people who are struggling to navigate a hectic, confusing world. A vibrant speaker who easily establishes a one-of-a-kind rapport with his audience, Justin has a unique ability to hold a lens up to those who hear him and, just as his mentors did, show them the best they can be.