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4 Mistakes Churches Make About Easter


Easter weekend can be a HUGE weekend for your church. There is a real opportunity to impact the kingdom like you never have before.

This is a chance to generate momentum and grow your church.


There are also costly mistakes I see churches making every Easter. I wanted to share them with you so you can avoid them.

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3 Ways to Help Transition Great Volunteers into Great Leaders

Recently, I read an insightful blog post from Scott Edinger about helping team members become great leaders. His thoughts were geared toward the business world, but I think they make sense to churches too. I’ve taken some of the things Scott said and applied them to our context. Article here


It happens all the time…You have a member of your church who is an awesome volunteer so you ask them to be a leader of a ministry, and they struggle…

They were a phenomenal volunteer but not a great leader.

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5 New Rules for Effective Church Websites

website mockup

Your church website may be breaking some unspoken rules.

If you follow these rules they will dramatically impact the way your website functions.  Your church site should be an asset used to generate results.

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24 of the best places to get sermon illustrations

Shoreline Church Launch Day

A few weeks ago I asked my email list to help me with a sermon writing survey.  I was very happy to see over 1600 pastors responded.

Below is one of the questions and results:

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5 Ways to Grow Your Staff in 2016


Growth is a value of mine and should be of every leader. Early this week I posted, “5 Ways to Grow as a Leader in 2016.

Today, I want to shift our focus to your staff and how to incite growth in them. Below are 5 Ways to Grow Your Staff in 2016

1. Books PLUS Training

A lot of pastors I know have their staff read books which is a good thing. But I have been in environments where the pastor gave us a book and that was it. Everyone on your team will takeaway different points and highlights from the book. Group discussions will benefit your team greatly.

You can even take it a step further.

The good folks at Ministry Library provide video summaries of books for your staff to watch. They also give you content to do team workshops based on the content of a book.

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